Self storage Grasping the Full Picture

A self storage operator does not have any access to the contents, does not take care and will never possess any goods in the units.

General Overview
These companies- self storage facilities lease out space to their tenants at a fee. These spaces are called units and they are of different sizes. The common sizes are 10 by 5 (1.5m deep).This unit is almost the size of a walk-in-closet, 10 by 10 which is approximately the size of a small bedroom, 10 by 20- the size of a garage that can accommodate one car, 15 by 20 and 20 by 20 which is the size a two car garage.

The Structure
The units do not have windows; they are walled with metals that are corrugated and have secure locks that a tenant uses to lock in the possession. The ceiling is made up of the reinforced wire mesh. Each unit has a metallic door for maximum safety. The storage facility may be fitted with surveillance cameras for monitoring purposes and each door has the alarm system. There are some facilities which use biometric thumbprint that guarantees individuals who rent the unit accessibility.

Items Stored
Customers are allowed to store a range of items but not toxic substances, perishable and hazardous goods. Personal items that can be stored include retail wares, furniture, small machineries, motorcycles and many more as long they are not in the above mentioned prohibitive list. Customers are not allowed to sleep allowed or live in their takes initiative advicing clients on the items an individual can store in the unit. This ensures people who ask for self storage services are prepared in advance to avoid inconveniences.

Where to Find Self Storage Facilities
Most of these facilities are found in the U.S while some are found in Australia and England. The self storage services are not popular in Africa and South America. It is estimated that one in ten households in the Unites States of America use self storage facilities. This demand is gradually increasing. According to the report by Mintel consulting, there is approximately 1.6 million rentable sq ft in the U.S against 22 million sq ft in Australia and 20 million sq ft in the U.K. The report goes further to indicate that there are nearly about 41,000 spaces in the U.S, 1000 in Australia and 600 in the U.K. In ensuring clients locate self storage facilities in their localities; has taken a responsibility of providing clients with information which aide in locating a specific storage facility in their neighborhoods.

Special Storage to Regulate Humidity And Temperature
There are other self storage companies which have facilities that regulate the climate thus, preventing conditions like mould and other problems associated with moisture. It is of paramount importance to control humidity for storage than temperature. The appropriate humidity is 50% while the temperature is between 10 degrees Celsius to 27 degrees Celsius.

In case a tenant fails to pay rent in the U.S, the self storage facility may auction the stored items to recover their money. This is as per the lien laws.

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