Self service moving All you need to know

Self serving moving is a service where by a moving company delivers appropriate packing crates to the moving person’s home, for him/her to personally pack the belongings in those crates pending transportation.

Reliability of Self Service Movers
Choosing a more reliable self service mover company is important. One can do this through friends who have moved or doing research online. At we give clients up to date information about reliable self service mover companies. Choosing the right company gives the owner a relief because one is sure of safety and delivery in time is inevitable.

The Process Of Moving
After choosing the right company, weather resistant crates are delivered at home by the company. The owner or the family packs all the goods into the crates and then lock them. The company’s truck takes the crates away to the agreed destination. Upon arrival at the new place, the mover company drops all the crates for the owner to unpack the contents from the crates

Guiding Packing Principle
Moving may not be a fun experience, but proper planning will make this process less tedious. Let each member of the family pack own belongings into smaller and identifiable boxes. Mark each box before repacking them to the provided crates. This ensures no hassle during the sorting of the belongings upon arrival in the new home/ destination. To know more about the guiding packing principles, visit and make self service moving less dreary.

Saving On Service Charges
Because the owner is responsible for packing, the services of the packing staff is not therefore, needed. This saves money that could have been used to hire the crew to pack and wrap the goods. This is the advantage of self service moving. The price is determined by the number of crates used and the distance of transporting the load. It is clear that hiring the services of a self service company is cheaper as compared to the services of a full-service mover company

The insurance cost is partially factored in the price of moving one’s belonging. It is however notable to know that more insurance services are needed if moving valuable goods. This will cater for damages if any in the process of handling and transporting.

Crate Size
The sizes of crates vary .There are smaller and bigger ones but on average a crate holds about 3000lbs. Depending on the quantity and the nature of he goods to be moved, one orders crates that fits his/her belongings. Clients need guidance on the appropriate crates sizes they need to pack their goods. It is discouraging and embarrassing experience to pack and realize that the crates ordered cannot accommodate all the goods. That is why has established information desk to advice clients on the size and number of crated they require in relation to their goods to be moved.

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